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Breaking Barriers: Aida Moronta's Technology Journey and Advocacy for Women in AV

In the dynamic and fast-paced world of technology, Aida Moronta stands out, not only for her technical expertise, but also for her dedication to breaking down barriers and advocating for a more inclusive working environment. As VP of Global Services US, Aida's journey is marked by a passion for technology, a commitment to helping others and a drive to create a more equitable industry for women.

Aida's entry into the world of technology was sparked by wanting to help others succeed in the workplace. Joining the tech field at a time when its potential was still being realised, Aida quickly noticed how much she enjoyed understanding people's needs and providing them with the tools required to thrive in an increasingly digital world. For Aida, technology isn’t just about innovation; it's about empowerment and accessibility.

Over her five-year tenure at Kinly, Aida has taken on various roles, each contributing to building her expertise and cementing herself as a leader within the company. Initially joining as a Service Delivery Manager for the US team, Aida oversaw Managed On-site Services (MOS) at Deutsche Bank during a crucial phase of expansion. As the company evolved, so did Aida's responsibilities, culminating in her current role as VP of Global Services US.

Despite progress, Aida acknowledges the ongoing challenges women face in the technology industry. From underrepresentation in technical roles to gender bias, obstacles still remain in the road to equality. Aida emphasises the need for systemic change, advocating for unbiased hiring practices, inclusive workplace cultures and mentorship opportunities that support women's advancement in the AV sector.

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To women aspiring to enter the AV industry, Aida said:

“If you are a woman aspiring to work in technology or AV, my advice would be to study hard, seek out mentors who resonate with you - both personally and professionally - always speak up and remember your responsibility to pave the way for the next generation.”

Aida’s story embodies resilience, leadership and a commitment to driving diversity and inclusion in tech. As Aida continues to blaze trails at Kinly and beyond, her impact resonates as true inspiration for women aspiring to forge careers in AV.

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