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CTOUCH builds unique virtual classroom facility with Barco and Kinly

Press release:

In collaboration with our partners Barco and CTOUCH, we have built a unique virtual training room at the CTOUCH office in Eindhoven. With this state-of-the-art facility, we make it possible for companies and institutes to organize real-time, interactive trainings and classes with co-workers, students or partners from all over the world. The virtual training room will also be used by ourselves to provide collaboration sessions and technical product trainings to our network of resellers and touchscreen users.

“At this moment, there are only a couple of these training facilities in The Netherlands”, says CEO Remmelt van der Woude. “The latest one is built here at our CTOUCH office in Eindhoven. What makes our virtual training room unique, is that we’ve been able to integrate our touchscreens in it. This adds an extra dimension to an interactive training, since everybody in the session is able to see what’s happening on the touchscreen, in real-time. With Barco’s weConnect SaaS solution as a backbone and the expertise that Kinly provided in facilitating the complete solution, I’m happy that we enable ourselves and other companies to effectively train, teach and coach teams in these challenging times.”

ctouch virtual classroom

The demand for remote working and blended learning solutions has increased tremendously in the past few months due to the Covid-19 outbreak. With many companies currently preparing for a new way of working, another challenge is arising: how to bring interactivity and engagement into a virtual classroom environment?

“As a result of the Covid-19 outbreak, we see an increased demand from our customers - in education, government and companies for blended learning”, says Robert Blaas, Marketing Director Kinly Benelux. “However, what is missing in many of the solutions for blended learning are interactivity and engagement. Matters that are important in training and lectures. Together with Barco and CTOUCH, we have built a solution for remote education and training where interactivity and engagement are paramount. We believe that solutions such as the virtual classroom should not only be used today as an emergency solution, but should also contribute to the innovation of education and training.”

The virtual classroom is equipped with seven wall mounted 55” Christie UHD551-L LCD displays with 4K native resolution. The attendees can observe the session from three different angles, by manually choosing between the front view Logitech MeetUp camera, from the top view Panasonic AW-HE60 camera or from a side angle provided by another AW-HE60 camera. The virtual classroom offers plenty of space for more than one host and is equipped with special lighting to make sure that presenters and products are well visible to the virtual audience.

ctouch virtual classroom

Barco’s integrated weConnect system tops it all off. It is possible to build a virtual classroom starting from 6 to 112 participants that all are visible via the displays on the wall, so that the presenter can make actual eye contact. The virtual training room at CTOUCH has a capacity of up to 24 visible participants. A data overlay gives possibilities to add various ways of participation, such as raised hands, polls or quizzes in order to have maximum engagement.

“Our virtual classroom is a purpose-built platform for teaching and learning. It is cocreated with learning technologists from universities, business schools and corporate training centers. We’ve already rolled out this concept in various places in education and at corporate training centers. We see a lot of value for business environments. With CTOUCH and Kinly we have excellent partners to make sure the user-experience and the level of engagement is on-par with live, face-to-face classes”, says Ellen Van de Woestijne, Segment Marketing Director from Barco. 

CTOUCH, Barco and Kinly happily invite businesses and educational institutes to learn more about the possibilities of a virtual training facility. For more information, please click here.

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