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Microsoft's larger 85inch Surface Hub 2S begins shipping in early 2021

Back at a press event in New York City in April 2019, the first unveiling of the Surface Hub 2S in the much bigger format (85” to be precise) got alot of us excited and we've been waiting in anticipation on it's official launch ever since! As of January 2021, it’s now available for pre-order ahead of shipping from Q1 onwards.* Designed to facilitate spaces that require a much larger screen, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2S 85” delivers collaboration on a massive scale. State-of-the-art hardware with Microsoft 365 productivity, the Surface Hub 2S can help you to achieve teamwork without boundaries. The new 85” version is ideal for deploying in larger conference rooms, board rooms or even more expansive huddle spaces and classroom/teaching settings. Make remote meetings feel less remote Today's modern workplace is constantly evolving, especially in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic. Workforces are more remote than ever, with an increased demand for flexible solutions and tools that create a seamless experience when meeting colleagues. What’s more, with the likelihood of hybrid work environments becoming the norm when transitioning back to the office, it’s key that the right technology is there to make communication and teamwork easy. Bridge the gap between those who are in the office and those who are still remote, with a powerful meeting platform offering vibrant, life-sized video via Microsoft Teams. The larger screen of the 85” Microsoft Surface Hub S2 can also facilitate social distancing for those back in the workplace, allowing peers to stay 2 metres apart while still working together. Beyond the workplace The Microsoft Surface Hub 2S in 85” isn’t just an ideal solution for the workplace. It can also become part of the digital transformation for schools and higher education institutions, in a world where students and professionals alike have had to find new ways to access resources and to deliver the curriculum.

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