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Jody Moffat and Global Services: AI, International Expansion and Diversity

Following a highly successful 2023, Kinly Global Services (GS) is now set to capitalise on its achievements by adopting new and emerging technologies, expanding into new regions and cultivating a more diverse workforce under the leadership of Jody Moffat.

The GS team has been spearheaded by Jody since 2022. Jody has been with Kinly for over a decade, joining as Service Delivery Manager and later taking on the role of Director of Global Client Service Management. With a background deeply rooted in technology and service delivery, Jody has risen to prominence as a visionary leader, bringing a unique perspective to GS while championing diversity across the wider business.

As Head of GS, Jody has successfully steered the team through the difficulties imposed by the pandemic, secured one of the AV industry’s largest ever managed on-site contracts and grown an international team that carefully aligns the GS value proposition to the vision of its enterprise customers. Jody image (1)

To compound the successes of 2023, Jody and the team are setting sights on extending the footprint of GS into new locations and disciplines. Key to this are new and emerging tools, such as AI. Jody is working alongside the GS team to ensure that these technologies are understood, adopted and embraced in a safe and ethical manner.

While not perfect in its current form, GS is discovering the benefits of AI in terms of low complexity solution development, day-to-day organisation and management. Jody and GS are coupling these features with all the advantages that can be gained from working with a trusted technology advisor to deliver customers an exceptional user experience. For Jody and the team, this will allow them to focus their knowledge on the things they love to do, providing a first-class service with a personal touch, overcoming design and engineering challenges and freeing their time to be as creative and agile as possible.

Moving forwards, GS sees AI as a supportive tool that can be used to enhance the human factor and relationship building, develop specialisms and allow existing skillsets to shine. AI can also optimise the customer experience, increase image quality, improve object recognition and streamline user analysis.

An item also at the top of GS’s agenda for 2024 is capitalising on the opportunity to extend operations and expand presence within the US. Now, the focus for Jody and GS is on ensuring the right infrastructure is in place to grow the team, successfully support key clients and scale within the region. This is a model that Jody and the GS team successfully executed in Switzerland and one that looks set to benefit the US very soon.

As the driving force behind Kinly Global Services, Jody’s rise within Kinly exemplifies the transformative impact of women in AV leadership roles. Under her management and guidance, GS has the highest level of female representation in the company. Her journey not only highlights individual success, but also paves the way for aspiring female leaders in traditionally male-dominated industries.

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