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Kinly connects Hilti staff worldwide with Meeting Access

Having been a key partner to Hilti for videoconferencing services since 2011, Kinly's contract was extended in early 2018 to implement a new and innovative service: Meeting Access.


Sebastian Nau, responsible for Global IT Voice & Video Services at Hilti: “For services like videoconferencing, which we consider a commodity service, we needed a cloud-based service using internet instead of a dedicated MPLS and we did not want to manage our own videoconferencing infrastructure. Up to this day Kinly is still the partner who can deliver what we need: an innovative videoconferencing solution, easy to use and enabling our employees to work together in a flexible way with colleagues around the globe.”

Hilti’s 'Work Smarter' strategy

The fact that Skype for Business was not interoperable with other conferencing services in a user-friendly way, went against the corporate Work Smarter strategy. Sebastian Nau: “With Work Smarter we aim to inspire our employees to review their working habits and to use the technologies they already have at hand. That is why our next step was to combine Skype for Business and Meeting Access, so videoconferencing strengthens our Work Smarter strategy and truly increases the efficiency of our employees and is easy to use.”

A new solution: Meeting Access

Meeting Access enables Skype for Business to work with virtually any other video and audio conferencing solution. With Meeting Access, videoconferencing users can join the same meetings as Skype for Business users. It combines all available video collaboration solutions into a Skype Meeting from one common interface: Skype for Business.

How Meeting Access works for Hilti

Hilti employees can simply schedule a Skype Meeting as they are used to, nothing special is required. Not only can a Skype for Business user join the meeting, virtually any other videoconferencing solution is able to join, from any device or meeting room. Even external business partners can participate from their video-enabled meeting rooms.

About Hilti

Hilti makes construction site work simpler, faster and safer. The company develops and manufactures products, systems, software and services that provide the construction and energy sectors with clear added value. Hilti stands for quality, innovation and direct customer relationships.  The company, based in Schaan, Liechtenstein,  has more than 28,000 employees in over 120 countries. 

To learn more about Hilti, visit www.hilti.com

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