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Oblong Mezzanine: Introducing the extended family

With roots going back more than two decades at the MIT Media Lab, Oblong Industries’ innovative technologies change the way people work, create, and collaborate. Oblong recently announced an extended product range and series for its flagship immersive visual collaboration solution, Mezzanine. 



Along with hardware and software developments that reduce the entry price point for a Mezzanine solution, Oblong has added integrations with popular enterprise applications including calendaring, Skype for Business, Cisco Webex Teams (formerly Cisco Spark) and Cisco TelePresence.

Oblong Mezzanine is an immersive visual collaboration solution that defines the next era of meetings: simultaneous multi‐user, multi‐screen, multi‐device, multi‐location immersive visual collaboration. Mezzanine with infopresence offers high-performance collaboration for rooms of all sizes, from small and medium‐size teamwork spaces to the largest executive briefing centers. Oblong has made it easier for customers and integrator partners to narrow in on the most appropriate Mezzanine solution for their particular use case, team dynamic, workflows, and workspaces.

Impressive, flexible immersive visual collaboration capabilities are now available to more teams in more places with the expanded family of Mezzanine solutions.

Mezzanine 200 Series. This dual screen configuration for small to medium sized meeting rooms delivers advanced collaboration capabilities previously accessible only in large and exclusive meeting rooms. Concurrent viewing of up to 10 shared devices, gestural interaction, and real-­time control by multiple participants are now available in a familiar form factor. With more accessible pricing and simplified installation, the Mezzanine 200 Series is a new solution designed for teamwork in smaller spaces.

Mezzanine 300 Series. The majority of traditional conferencing systems provide only one content channel, Mezzanine 300 takes full advantage of its three-­screen configuration, enabling richer collaboration around multi­stream content. The Mezzanine 300’s expansive shared workspace matches that of Oblong’s Series 600 and 650 solutions, allowing customers to extend the immersive Mezzanine experience to satellite offices at a lower cost. Mezzanine 300 is fully upgradable to Mezzanine 600 Series.

Mezzanine 600 Series. The Mezzanine 600 naturally accelerates processes and decisions during collaborative work sessions by making all the determining factors visible and accessible. Beyond the clear, practical benefits of the three­‐screen primary workspace shared across locations, and the three­‐screen secondary workspace for those in the room, the "wow" factor of the large multi‐dimensional workspace makes a strong impression during presentations. This impressive six­‐screen Mezzanine configuration features new spatial tracking technology that requires little or no room remediation.

Mezzanine 650 Series. Oblong’s original immersive solution for larger architectural spaces is suitable for a more exhilarating and immersive interactive environment. With extensive display wall expandability and extra ‘corkboard’ interactive surfaces on multiple walls, Mezzanine 650 supplies the real estate required to showcase engaging presentations, or to display all the factors involved in a complex project or business challenge.

Analysts at Gartner included Mezzanine in the recent research note “Select the Right Technology for Modern Meeting Rooms.” A Forrester study validates the business impact of Mezzanine for the enterprise and shows that Mezzanine pays for itself in less than eight months and offers an ROI of 226% in 3 years. The future of work is more immersive, visual, and productive with Mezzanine.

See how Mezzanine facilitates easy, simultaneous sharing and connects teams through a unified workspace in this video ‘The Mezzanine 360° Preview Experience’.

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