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Kinly can-do corporate eguide

Build a Future-facing Hybrid Workplace

Previously a notion adopted by a minority of organisations but now accelerated by necessity, hybrid working is here to stay. In fact, hybrid workflows are shaping the future of the working landscape, impacting employee attraction, retention, expectations and more.

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Planet comes first with Kinly’s green initiatives

Choosing the right partner for your technology needs is an undertaking that requires a lot of box-ticking – an experienced, proven track record often being high on the list of priorities. However, with the world’s limited resources now a prominent message in our daily lives, a company’s green and sustainability credentials can be just as much a decision maker as business relationships and marginal gains. Many businesses now operate a policy of working with suppliers who operate with a sustainability mindset – and Kinly is no different – but our commitment to reducing our own carbon footprint goes way beyond being selective in our business partners.

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Jabra PanaCast 50 in meeting room

Help your people return to the office with 'plug-and-play' video meetings

In years gone by, companies have previously had to choose between high quality audio and video solutions that were typically expensive or complex, or personal webcams that were of a lower quality with the inability to include more than one individual. Even before the pandemic, this situation was quickly changing and now there are a growing abundance of solutions that can deliver a quality meeting experience.

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