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Jabra PanaCast 50 in meeting room

Help your people return to the office with 'plug-and-play' video meetings

In years gone by, companies have previously had to choose between high quality audio and video solutions that were typically expensive or complex, or personal webcams that were of a lower quality with the inability to include more than one individual. Even before the pandemic, this situation was quickly changing and now there are a growing abundance of solutions that can deliver a quality meeting experience.

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Webinar insights from Kinly + Pexip on video meetings in the hybrid era

As widely reported, COVID-19 has forced organisations into speeding up their digital transformation projects in order to accommodate the abrupt change in working habits created by the pandemic. It’s clear that the more traditional ways of working have now given way to a rise in video conferencing and a significant shift to a hybrid workplace. While some businesses have been used to this model through flexible working approaches, for many organisations this is a newer concept.

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Achieve a complete meeting room set-up with Logitech and Pexip

As businesses across the world begin to adapt to a hybrid working environment, it’s key that the right technology and devices are put in place to ensure teams can communicate effectively, regardless of location. Helping to support video meetings that connect people in-office and working remotely, Logitech recently launched a new range of devices, including the Rally Bar and Rally Bar Mini.

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Cisco Webex Translation Feature

Cisco Webex adds real-time translation to video meetings

Cisco is home to a comprehensive portfolio of collaboration solutions designed to help you achieve effective, productive meeting spaces of all sizes. Keeping teams connected, Cisco Webex brings the meeting experience to life, with Webex Devices, Webex Meetings and Webex Teams. Intelligent video and audio communications are designed for meeting spaces of all sizes, simplifying teamwork and bringing people together - whether in the office meeting room or working from home.

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The growth of Microsoft Teams and hybrid workplace considerations

As much of the world has become accustomed to working from home for the last 12 months, it has been crucial for businesses to remain agile and resilient when it comes to productivity and day-to-day operations. Video conferencing and online collaboration have quickly become the norm, with organizations of all sizes across all sectors quickly deploying new collaboration technology or building on existing technology. Thus ensuring communication channels remain open and cater for both the small minority still in the physical workplace (particularly in certain job roles and sectors) and the vast majority working remotely.

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Logitech launches new range of appliances for conference rooms

Businesses across the world are discovering the benefits of a hybrid office environment, with workforces set to favour a balance of in-office and remote working. With the anticipation of companies needing the right devices and technology to facilitate this hybrid working trend, Logitech has launched a new set of Rally Family products to suit video conferencing rooms of all sizes.

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