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Kinly can fully support you after the sale

Here at Kinly, we pride ourselves in offering an independent approach when supporting customers with their UCC solutions.

We will always strive to select the best products for the specific project, eliminating unnecessary hardware and saving money where possible, while focusing on customers’ objectives and future growth plans.

But it is after the sale that customers can experience another key Kinly difference. Following completion of an installation, Kinly supports its customers with the same high level of focus as at the project design stage. Naturally, our engineers are on-hand to respond to any technical concerns, but we also ensure customers’ operating teams are fully up-to-speed with all required training that can ensure everyone gets the maximum benefit from their solution. Customers can even set designated response times with us for total peace of mind.


Video and audio-visual collaboration are at the heart of every modern organisation. But where there is technology, there are inevitably (though we hope rarely) system failures. Our support services take care of this for you, reducing failure recovery times and preventing communication disruptions that can affect business continuity. Our customers can even set designated response times with us for total reassurance.

For total peace of mind, Kinly can do

Designed to ensure your kit is always running at its best, and any failures in the system are resolved at speed, these services provide a helpdesk, on-site support, and preventative maintenance for both your IT teams and the people using your Kinly solutions every day. You can access support in your local language, and via real experts, should any problems arise. Furthermore, when you work with Kinly, you only ever have to contact Kinly. We’ll deal with any third-party suppliers on your behalf, meaning you only ever have to deal with one technology provider.

As technology advances at a pace, monitoring software has made support and services even more efficient. Kinly can troubleshoot issues when they arise, but most of the time, we’ll spot and resolve any technical issues before they are even noticed. That’s thanks to our smart monitoring service and a bold, forward-thinking approach to preventative maintenance.

This peace of mind of a proven, robust system, monitored and maintained 24/7 by dedicated experts, is hard to quantify, but it has proved to be warmly welcomed by our customers around the world.

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