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Secure Greater Student Engagement with Video Learning: Download the Free eGuide

Today’s student generation are digital natives hungry to move away from traditional learning methods and find new ways to consume and process educational materials.

To meet this need, universities are embracing the proliferation of video technology and applying it to shape the future of learning. The Kinly eGuide tracks education’s digital journey so far, explains how to navigate pitfalls and assesses how future technologies will enhance the benefits of video learning. 

Video has enabled educators and pupils to teach and learn from anywhere in the world, creating a talent pool wider than ever before. The eGuide also explores how digitisation has intensified the war for talent with universities integrating new workflows to attract the best staff and students.

The eGuide will help you understand the technology available, how it can be deployed effectively, and ultimately, to guide your organisation in implementing an effective video strategy.

Here are five more reasons to download the free Kinly eGuide:

1. Master new learning techniques

The way people consume content, where they do it and what they do it for is changing. See how universities are using contemporary social media concepts to create short-form materials that explain complex concepts effectively on-screen.

2. Discover the five steps to a successful digital journey

From developing a blueprint to design and specifying solutions through to implementation, training and management, uncover the five key requirements for an impactful video strategy. In addition, learn the importance of selecting the right partner to act as your trusted advisor throughout the process.

3. Find out how to build the right learning environment

Choosing the right technology for your needs only solves half of the equation. Breaking down the fundamentals into three core segments - creation, curation and distribution – understand why getting the environment right is critical to ensuring effective technology usage and a positive ROI.

4. Choose the right level of digitisation

Face-to-face, web enhanced, hybrid and entirely online learning are all deployment options available to the education sector. See how universities are mixing and matching different combinations of technology to enhance the learning experience for a new generation of students.

5. Get expert insight into the future of video learning

Even with the giant leaps taken by firms to improve video offerings over recent years, the prediction is that the technology is nowhere near reaching its peak. Discover how video is set to provide an even more immersive experience through applications including AR, VR and the Metaverse.

Start developing your digital learning strategy today. Download the full eGuide here.

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