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Creating a better user experience in a complex collaboration landscape

There is no denying that the unified communications and collaboration (UCC) technology landscape is shaping our workplace and has become critical to business success. Enterprises are adopting and embracing a new collaborative culture to drive digital transformation.

UCC solutions support organizations ability to boost productivity, reduce costs, increase revenues and gain competitiveness. How? By improving employee collaboration and facilitating teamwork that supports creativity and fosters innovation.

Employees now have higher expectations when it comes to communicating and collaborating in the workplace. They want to work smarter and faster with an integrated set of collaboration tools and applications. However, the reality is that the collaboration landscape is complex and challenging, and confusing for a lot of people.

A typical unified communication environment includes telephony, audio conferencing, web conferencing, video conferencing and immersive telepresence. These solutions have traditionally existed in silos with separate administration, varied standards, limited interoperability and a disparate user experience.

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Today, there are also a wide variety of video collaboration systems available from multiple vendors. Mixed environments are a reality. However, they must be integrated, more intuitive to use, have a simplified user interface and deliver a secure and seamless communications experience.

Exceptional user experience drives adoption and utilization, and delivers real ROI

Improving user experience is the only way to increase video communication adoption. Recognizing this is simple - defining a user adoption framework, setting utilization goals and realizing the full value of investment to achieve the highest possible ROI, requires a defined adoption and utilization practice.

We  help companies realize the full value of their current investment. Deploying the latest collaboration technology is only part of the solution – as video becomes pervasive in all business aspects – it must be scalable, flexible, affordable and provide a rich collaboration experience. Our collaboration advisors can help you define a winning video strategy aligned to your way of working.

Advanced collaboration technology has significantly grown in importance and is changing the way we communicate in the workplace.

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