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The rise of ClickShare in meeting rooms around the world

Sure and steady wins the race, and that’s exactly how Barco’s unique meeting room product, ClickShare, has grown in popularity to position itself as a solution to solve everyday meeting room technology problems in enterprises across the globe.

9 out of 10 respondents of Barco’s study into technology-related stress in meetings believe that technology should make meetings easier and more productive. As such, Barco’s inventive solution to these common issues lie within a product they launched back in 2012. Now, several years on, we take a look at how ClickShare has established such a rise in popularity...

What is Barco ClickShare?

ClickShare is a user-oriented and intuitive, single-click wireless presentation system that focuses on heightening collaboration to foster greater productivity and improve workflows. By implementing ClickShare into meeting rooms, users are offered a seamless approach to content sharing that’s wirelessly transferable to larger screens from any device.


“Collaboration is becoming very important in knowledge working environments. Users demand flexible, easy-to-use technology that simply facilitates getting their message across. ClickShare provides an excellent answer to these needs.” – Jan Willem Brands, Barco’s Chief Product Officer

This innovative product consists of a base unit that feeds into a screen or projector, and a button that can be easily connected to the user’s device via USB, AirPlay or the mobile app. With ClickShare; there are no cables, no set-up and no waiting required; you simply plug in, click the button, and start sharing.

Barco’s flexible device couldn’t be easier to set-up and operate, therefore helping to prevent the reoccurrence of any technology-related problems and reduce stress levels in turn. Not only that, but ClickShare extends to any platform or device such as desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile, creating a positive meeting environment that involves all participants – no matter what devices are used.

With laptops being the most common devices used in meetings - by simply plugging ClickShare into a USB port the user is able to share content at the click of a button. In turn, this easy-to-use solution could help to reduce stress - a notion corroborated by Segment Marketing Director Workplace at Barco, Lieven Bertier;

“Investing in meeting room technology which works at the click of a button will significantly help in reducing complexity and stress from office workers lives.”

Additionally, to cater for devices that don’t have a USB port, such as a tablet or smartphone, Barco have created a ClickShare app for use with iOS and Android (although iOS users are able to use Airplay too).

Rise in popularity

ClickShare’s rise in popularity hasn’t necessarily been instantaneous, it’s certainly been progressive with sales growing gradually year on year. Though it’s taken a few years to really hit the mainstream, the potential of this unique product when it was launched was immediately apparent to Barco with Eric van Zele, CEO of Barco, claiming;

“We recognised the potential of ClickShare when the concept was first explained to us, but it was only until we had a meeting that we realised how revolutionary it really was… It was like something we had always needed, but didn’t know we needed it… Once you click the button, you’re hooked – and your meeting dynamics are changed forever.”

Around 1.5million buttons are in use today, 600,000 units shipped and with more than 40% of  Global Fortune 1000 companies using ClickShare technology daily , the product has firmly become an extremely popular product offering seamless collaboration in meeting environments. Couple this with the ongoing development of the ClickShare portfolio and current promotions such as the Try before you Buy option - Barco’s solution to meeting room technology problems looks like a mainstay in collaborative meeting environments for years to come. 

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