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Absen and Kinly Announce Global Platinum Partner Agreement

Absen, the world’s leading LED display brand, has today announced that Kinly, the global provider of AV integration and collaboration services and support, has been named as the first European-based company to be awarded Absen Global Platinum Partner status.

This is a long-term, multi-year strategic partnership which recognises Kinly's exceptional commitment to delivering sustainable and cutting-edge AV and LED display solutions, powered by innovative Absen technology.

Under the agreement, Kinly will be the first to access and integrate the latest advancements in LED display technology from Absen, as well receiving enhanced training and support from highly-skilled Absen technicians, ensuring that Kinly has the product expertise to design, install and maintain Absen LED displays to the highest standards. In addition, Kinly will benefit from Absen qualified lead referrals, expanding its market reach and customer base.

In turn, Kinly customers will benefit from best-in-class LED technologies at shortened lead times, combined with the support of a trusted technology advisor for seamless user experiences.

Kinly’s Global Product Board, led by Jean-Paul Lemmens, conducted an extensive review of all LED manufacturers in the AV market based on performance, value to customers and sustainability.

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Jean-Paul Lemmens, VP of Procurement, Product and Strategic Partner Management, Kinly, said:

“The Kinly team unanimously decided that Absen was its partner of choice owing to its quality products, global presence and competitive pricing. Absen’s commitment to prioritising ecofriendly, low energy consumption LED solutions aligns perfectly with our commitment to create a more sustainable future through innovative AV solutions.

“We are thrilled to be the first company to be named as a Global Absen Platinum Partner. Working alongside Absen, we will continue to provide our customers with the best possible visual experiences through industry-leading LED displays, while ensuring we shape a greener tomorrow through our operations. As a Platinum Partner, we will gain access to a broader range of resources and benefits, allowing us to further enhance our service offerings and deliver AV excellence at even greater value to our global customer base.”

Sasha Liu, General Manager, Overseas Sales, Absen, said:

“Kinly’s commitment to driving AV excellence fits perfectly with Absen's values. We are confident that this partnership will be mutually beneficial, allowing us to jointly deliver exceptional LED display and audio-visual solutions to a global audience. Our expansive corporate product portfolio caters for a wide range of applications, to provide revolutionary visual experiences for the workplace environment and beyond.”

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