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Cisco Webex adds real-time translation to video meetings

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Cisco Webex Translation

In today’s modern work environment, teams can be in multiple locations but working together on one project. Factor in the ongoing pandemic and the changes to a traditional workplace, and you have a workforce that is becoming more accustomed to coming together over video conferencing instead of in person.

With that in mind, Cisco has launched a new feature for its Webex platform that could facilitate more productive working across the globe.

Removing the language barrier

Enabling a global, hybrid workforce has never been more crucial than in today’s climate, with businesses and teams working cross-country. Language barriers can often make it difficult to communicate with partners, clients or colleagues in another country, but this could be a thing of the past thanks to Cisco.

You can now experience real-time translation with Cisco Webex, with the ability to translate from English to more than 100 languages. This includes commonly used languages, such as Arabic, French, German and Dutch, as well as more localised languages like Hindi, Turkish and Vietnamese.

The feature can be used as a preview now for those with a Webex account, with general availability from May.

Benefitting organizations around the world

Real-time translation with Cisco Webex can remove the need for organizations to use and pay for third-party services, which is often needed when those in a meeting speak different languages. The automated closed captioning between 100 different languages is a first for a platform of this kind.

It can help to deliver a level playing field for all users, offering enhanced inclusivity in a world where diversity is becoming more and more important. By allowing different languages to communicate with ease during a meeting, you can remove previous communication barriers.

This may also impact a business’ recruitment drive. With real time translation, you could have the chance to hire the best talent, regardless of location, language or nationality. Encouraging better engagement in meetings around the world, experience better productivity across the business with Cisco Webex.

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