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Overcoming meeting technology challenges with Surface Hub 2S

You may have read our blog common problems with meeting room technology, where we identified that almost 9 in 10 people surveyed experienced technology-related stress about meetings. In the blog we further investigated how these common meeting room technology problems impacts the business user.

In today’s technology-driven world, seamless collaboration and reliable technology are quickly becoming a necessity. With Microsoft Surface Hub 2, teamwork can happen anywhere and bringing remote teams together can happen instantly. In this blog, we outline how the new Microsoft Surface Hub 2 can enhance and simplify office meetings, helping to overcome these common problems encountered with meeting room technology.


Effective meetings that you won’t dread organising

It’s extremely frustrating during meetings when technology fails, or the quality of the meeting is just not quite up to standard, particularly in a professional environment. 58% of people reported that they regularly experience difficulties when sharing content through meeting room technology, with 21% of people claiming that screen sharing in meetings is one of their biggest worries of technology failure.

Presenting during a meeting can be daunting enough, never mind having to worry about the quality of your technology. With Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2S your meetings will be more engaging and inclusive than ever. The all-in-one device built for teamwork has improved videoconferencing capabilities with a 4K camera, enhanced speakers and microphones, and it integrates with both Skype for Business and Microsoft Teams meetings.

Nothing stands in the way of a good meeting experience when you use a Surface Hub 2S - an effective presentation should be about the participants, the content of the presentation and the message, not the failure of meeting room technology.

Make any space a teamwork space

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is a hyper-mobile hardware device that takes a unique approach to collaboration, allowing you to make any space a teamwork space. Do you feel like your office space is lacking that sense of mobility when it comes to collaboration? With Microsoft’s new Surface Hub 2S you are given the flexibility to create a collaborative area anywhere in your office.


This unique 50-inch screen device has been seamlessly designed for portability and mobility, allowing you to move wherever and whenever you want. Surface Hub 2S offers the thinnest edge, and smallest bezels in its class, bringing your team closer to your content and integrating effortlessly into any office environment.

Bring remote teams togetherco

These days, teams come in all shapes and sizes, they can be local or spread across the globe. When faced with a technical issue during a meeting, trying to connect with employees from different locations and even time-zones can be both difficult and frustrating. Often, this can result in meetings being postponed which reduces productivity and pushes deadlines further back.

To effectively transform from collaboration to true teamwork where you bring your remote teams together easily, investing in tools that bring out the best in your team meeting is essential. With Microsoft Surface Hub 2S, you are provided with the perfect collaboration device which is designed to get people out of their seats to connect and ideate, regardless of their location.

Meet your business needs

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to collaboration in the workplace – businesses need choice, flexibility and control over productivity tools that help enable teamwork. When Microsoft released the latest Surface Hub 2S last year, they developed a modular hardware design that enables customers to unlock new experiences.

Give your team the flexibility to come together wherever they work best and pair them with a device built for teamwork, and challenges with meeting room technology will become a thing of the past.

Are you ready to learn more? Download our Microsoft Surface Hub 2S Technical Resource Pack to get access to the resources needed to install and integrate Surface Hub 2S with Microsoft 365. Plus, techniques for adoption of Surface Hub into your enterprise.

Download Surface Hub 2S Technical Resource Pack

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